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Small Business Mentoring

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 A One-to-One mentoring program for your new or growing business. Tailored to your individual business and personal needs. With the flexibility to be able to focus guidance on the bits you need most including things like marketing, socials, content, website, pricing, and product development. 
The Program
Before You commit:
Free Questionnaire and Consultation 
Download, fill out and return the questionnaire
Followed by a consultation/get to know each other video session
Then if you decide I can help and we're a good fit:
Full Audit carried out by me concentrating on areas you have identified and any others I've spotted
Followed by a written report and action Plan
1 hour video call to talk through the audit and action plan, and to instigate first steps
Three further 1 hour video calls at 2 week intervals
Each of the three calls will address emerging issues, review the action points and refocus/course correct as needed. The final of these 3 will include and action plan to go forward.
Throughout the period I will monitor progress, via what I can see online or via sales and news of milestones from you throughout. 
The program is designed to last 6 weeks from the first 1 hour video call but scheduling or specific needs can make it longer or shorter. The deadline is 10 weeks from the first one.
Download your free questionnaire HERE

Customer Reviews

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Jolanda Hoogenboom

Watching Make It at Market always made me so envious at all those fantastic makers who were supported by their mentors. I was one of them, a maker with no clue how to sell. As I am in the up cycling area, I specifically kept a close eye on Zoe and was always flabbergasted how she could make this work with everyone. At some point I thought 'what the heck' I am going to ask her to mentor me, and I couldn’t believe my luck when she said YES!!! Now after my second mentor meeting, I am so thrilled to work with Zoe and speaking to her makes me realise that she absolutely knows what she is talking about. Zoe doesn’t change my art, but changes the way I am using my art and this gives me so much joy! Suddenly it all comes together.
Thanks Zoe!

Absolutely, £600 is a lot of money this has been our biggest discussion  point. Only you can decide if it's going to be worth it for your business but you don't have to make that decision until after your free consultation. We think it is good value with the amount of work/hours Zoe will be putting in and the results we’re expecting. It will be listed on our website with a payment plan via Klarna. 

There will be no trying to upsell or selling of further programs in this program (which is something that many coaches and mentors seem to base their business model on which we strongly disapprove of - that’s putting it politely. Ask Zoe and she'll give you the impolite version)

And while we may create other programs designed for other purposes, we genuinely don’t know yet, this one will be self-contained and designed to reach goals in a relatively short period and give a good base and tools to move forward with your business.

Zoe will need to monitor (follow on socials etc) to give useful feedback at the next video call she cannot promise to give feedback or suggestions on any regular schedule or every post or product listing in between calls. Having said that she is likely to give adhoc encouragement and advice (cause that’s just what she’s like) Also she may well share some of your content or some of the mentoring journey (with your permission) along the way for selfish reasons because it would be good content for her.

The 10 week deadline is from the first hour video call to the last (so if that was regular 2 week intervals it would be 6 weeks) so even if scheduling meant there was an extra week between each it would still only be 9 weeks. Of course we would be flexible if circumstances dictated but generally Zoe has found that you need to maintain momentum.

So long as I think I can be of value to your business and we can schedule calls we can be anywhere in the world.