Apex Resin® - Crystal Clear Resin with High Heat Resistance

A versatile 1:1 epoxy resin that creates a high gloss finish for stand out resin art

Why choose Apex Resin?

Apex Resin® is at the top of it’s game for epoxy resin art, we didn’t call it Apex for nothing! :) 

Featuring extreme clarity for a pristine, clear finish for Resin Art and minimal bubbles. It is a 1:1 resin with a high heat resistance and designed to create a solid, non - scratch surface. Apex Resins are the most durable resin on the market so you can be confident your artwork will stand the test of time, resist yellowing and cope with cup after cup with no marks or traces. Suitable for all applications - coasters, trays, tables, cheeseboards, flooring and more.

It is a good all purpose resin to take the confusion out of things (phew because who has time for that!) 

The all important features

600ml Kit (300ml Resin and 300ml Hardener) with instruction leaflet 

  • Easy 1:1 mixing ratio by volume (By weight A : B = 110 :100)
  • Heat Resistant up to 90ºc / 194ºF perfect for coasters, placemats
  • Features extreme clarity for a pristine, water clear finish
  • The most durable resin on the market so you can be confident your artwork will stand the test of time and cup after cup, with no marks or traces
  • Advanced formulation to minimise bubbles when pouring (we recommend to also preheat part A (resin) in a warm water bath if your work area is cold
  • ASTM Certified non-hazardous, non toxic and no VOCs 
  • Suitable for coasters, trays, flooring, table tops, jewellery, flower preservation and more
  • Highest UV resistance for non-yellowing and protection of your artwork. 
  • Self levelling
  • Working time 25 -30 minutes at 25ºc
  • Touch dry in 16 - 20 hours at 25°C (Full cure in 1-2 Days)
  • Non flammable
  • Low viscosity
  • Odour Free
  • Perfect for use with our glitters, pigments, epoxy pigment pastes and dyes.
  • Suitable for use as a food safe coating but not as a cutting/food preparation surface.